Documents Reveal Pentagon’s War On Our Environment: Over 40,000 US Sites Contaminated

The Pentagon: it’s a government body designed to protect the American people, and yet a damning new investigation has exposed widespread environmental destruction upon our earth and bodies.

To the tune of 40,000 different sites across the US, an in-depth look into the Department of Defense’s own catalogs shows they are well aware of the damage done and are scrambling to correct it.

But making matters worse, the new investigation by ProPublica , in partnership with Vox, reveals that the Pentagon’s damage control efforts are falling short in every way, despite spending over $40 billion in the clean up process..

Of particular note are the 200 “burn pits” where hazardous substances/explosives are disposed of—despite a 1984 ban of such practices for private industries.

Additionally, the Pentagon is also on record casually hiring independent contractors and paying little regard when those contractors engage in questionable environmental practices because it is “not responsible when some of those contractors commit, fraud, improperly handle toxic material, or cut corners on cleanups”—even refusing to cooperate with the EPA.

But the rampant, toxic pollution at the hands of America’s defense headquarters goes back far into the nation’s history.

At the center of the new ProPublica investigation is the military’s use of Research Development Explosive (RDX), a white powder used during World War II for its highly-explosive potential.

The primary manufacturing site for RDX was a plant in Tennessee, where 40 million pounds of the substance was produced.

 protesters starting to head out on kayaks now. On their way to the Pentagon to protest war and fossil fuels

Even back then, the contamination was a problem, with traces of RDX being discovered in local drinking water aquifers.

As reported by The Free Thought Project:

“The contamination has been found across the country, with residents in Salt Lake City, Utah, claiming that the food they grew with RDX-contaminated water caused cancer.

“RDX has also been found to have contaminated drinking water near Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, in 2013; nearly 150 miles away from the Army’s manufacturing plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, in 2015; and around an old missile factory, which the Pentagon claimed was safe for the public, near Los Angeles, California, in 2017.”

It’s a rampant environmental atrocity that is inexcusable—especially coming from a department of the US government.

Normally, such abuses are the expertise of private/corporate interests—forcing questions about how concerned our representatives truly are with our well-being.

Sources: The Free Thought Project ProPublica [1,2]


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