Drone Captures Rare Footage Of Massive Sea Migration

Captain Dave Anderson, of Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari in Dana Point, California, searches for marine mammals to film on a regular basis. When he finds them, he launches his GoPro-equipped, remote-controlled drone to capture footage of the sea life.

However, when the captain took his boat out off the coast of San Clemente, he had no idea about the astounding footage he was about to capture. At first, the waves look normal, like there is nothing out of the ordinary.

But then you see the incredible image of thousands of migrating dolphins.

And that’s not all! Anderson’s drone also filmed a large humpback whale cuddling and playing with her calf off the coast of Maui.

As Anderson explains, advantages vary in using a drone in this manner.

“Drones have totally changed how we view whales and dolphins and what we know of them,” he said. “Several drones have also helped uncover entangled whales. It’s a huge plus to have that perspective.”

Of course, we don’t mind the other huge plus drones offer, being able to enjoy beautiful sights like the one Anderson captured!

And what’s more, Nat Geo Wild will feature Anderson’s footage as part of the premiere episode of a new show.

See nature at its finest by watching Anderson’s footage below:


National Geographic
OC Register
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