World Reacts After ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ariana Grande Concert Terrorist Attack

22 concertgoers were murdered and an additional 59 were wounded Monday night at around 10:30pm after an explosion rocked Manchester Arena where pop star Ariana Grande had just performed.

from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.

Footage from the scene showed thousands of people—many of which were young girls—running in terror for their lives:


One video captured the moment when the sound of an explosion rocked the arena, sending a wave of panic across the crowd:

Eyewitness reports recounted that terrified parents, who were waiting outside the venue to pick up their children, watched in horror and panic, frantically searching for their loved ones:

Some viral tweets purport to show images of some of the missing people who could not be found in the aftermath of the explosion:

Everyone retweet for these missing people after the Ariana grande concert!!

Lets find these people by the power of social media!!!

Charlotte Campbell says her daughter Olivia Campbell, who was in attendance at Manchester Arena, has been missing ever since.

“I ran downstairs to put the news on,” said Charlotte in a teary-eyed interview with local media, “I tried to get hold of Olivia, couldn’t get hold of her…I phoned the police, they weren’t really helpful at that time because it was so fresh.”

Unable to contain her sorrow, Charlotte added between sobs, “I’m heartbroken at the moment…because I don’t know where she is, I don’t know if she’s alive even yet.”

Please. This is crucial. Please. So many more people are missing, please help. Have compassion.

Reports from the scene detail a violent aftermath as numerous victims—some dead, some alive—endured terrible shrapnel wounds.

According to Paul Dryhurst, a relative of one of the victims in attendance, his niece, Kelly, is still missing after attending the concert with two other family members:

Kelly has shielded Hollie and Claire from the damage.

The three were walking out in single file, with Claire in front, Hollie behind her and Kelly behind her. When the bomb has gone off the impact has broken Claire’s jaw and broken Hollie’s legs. They are both currently in hospital having nuts and bolts removed from all places.

Soon after the attack, ISIS claimed responsibility for it and police managed to arrest at least one suspect.

Popular UK late night show host James Corden gave an impassioned speech on the attacks:

A general state of hysteria has swept Manchester, including footage from Arndale where police reportedly asked locals to evacuate:

We are getting reports that police are evacuating the area around Manchester Arndale and are advising people to leave. More to follow.

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The search for an possible suspects is ongoing as police continue to bring closure in the wake of one of the worst terror attacks in recent memory.


The Guardian


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