WATCH: Fist Fight Breaks Out Between Passengers On Flight To LA

It’s been a terrible few weeks for the airline industry, from a passenger bloodily removed from a United Airlines flight, to a mother assaulted by a male flight attendant.

But employees aren’t the only ones causing a raucous as video surfaced Tuesday showing two passengers engaged in an all-out fist fight on an ANA flight. (scroll down for video)

“No one provoked him—he was cool up until a few minutes before he started hitting the guy,” said Corey Hour, a passenger on the flight who captured the incident on camera, “He started verbally abusing and intimidating people. Nothing triggered him, it just happened.”

Corey added that the ANA staff “did what they could to defuse the situation” and that there were children nearby that can be heard “crying” in the video.

The man in the red Hawaiian shirt is believed to be the aggressor, who “walked away but then came back and started hitting the guy again. That’s when I stopped filming and confronted him,” Corey said.

“I was the one who stepped in,” said Corey, “He backed down, I squared up with him and he wouldn’t confront me.”

The entire incident delayed the flight more than 90 minutes.

ANA issued an apology over the situation and said the aggressive passenger was not allowed to fly.

You Can Watch The Fight Video Here:




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