Amazon Cloud Service Malfunctions, Bringing Several Web Services To A Crawl

Tens of thousands of companies reportedly had their website’s basic functions inactive as Amazon’s cloud service malfunctioned Tuesday afternoon.

The issue began when Amazon said they began to experience “increased error rates” connected to their “simple storage service,” also known as S3.

S3 is essentially a cloud computing service where companies can host websites, data, and other features online through Amazon.

Although clouds are convenient for allowing access to your digital content wherever you go, Tuesday’s outage is proof of the potential drawbacks.

According to AP:

While few services went down completely, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of companies had trouble with features ranging from file sharing to webfeeds to loading any type of data from Amazon’s…S3. Amazon services began returning around 4 p.m. EST, and an hour later the company noted on its service site that S3 was fully recovered and ‘operating normally.’

Amazon released a statement Tuesday afternoon, saying that they were “working hard at repairing S3” and that they were sure they’d found the root cause of the problem.

Some of the affected companies include Trello, Scribd, and IFTTT, which appeared to be malfunctioning for some time, though are all working fine now.

Even the Associated Press saw some outages, specifically with regards to its online photos, internet feeds, and other services.

Twitter, of course, reacted in usual fashion to Amazon’s cloud catastrophe:

Associated Press


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