Man Tries To Buy Every Copy Of His Local Paper To Hide DUI

What’s more foolish: drinking while driving, or attempting to buy hundreds of copies of local newspapers so people don’t find out about your DUI arrest?

Well, whatever your answer, Joseph Talbot from New York is guilty of both.

After state police arrested him on December 29 in Wayne County and charged him with driving while intoxicated, Joseph was reportedly so concerned about his reputation being ruined that he attempted to buy every single copy of the local newspaper that contained his mugshot from jail.

Joseph Talbot's Mugshot

Joseph Talbot’s Mugshot

His entire failed scheme was reportedly discovered when the owner of the Times of Wayne County, Ron Holdraker, says Joseph purchased nearly 1,000 newsstand versions of the paper, which go for $1.25 each.

The Times of Wayne County says they had obtained Joseph’s mugshot from the local jail and printed it in their New Year’s Eve edition.

But maybe Joseph was still too hungover to realize that the newspaper also published his photo on their website, making it essentially impossible to prevent his mugshot’s circulation.

The viral nature of local news wasn’t the only thing Joseph tried to resist: police also charged him with refusing to be fingerprinted or photographed.

We’re sure it didn’t help Joseph’s case that, after being pulled over by police, he allegedly called one of the State Troopers an “asshole.”

The Morning Call
Times of Wayne County


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