Homeowners Spot Baby Snake, Call Police As Soon As They See THIS In Its Mouth

In South Dade, Florida, firefighters discovered a snake with its mouth sewn shut.

The firefighters responded to a call from a homeowner who saw the snake in their front lawn. When they arrived, shock overtook them.

Scott Mullin, one of the firefighters, immediately recognized the snake as a ball python. This kind of snake is a very popular domestic pet, due to their generally sweet nature.

Mullin wrote on his Facebook page, “I had a strange call today. I picked up this baby ball python. It was found outside a home in South Dade. The family had never seen it before. I reached down and gently picked it up. Now I have never come across a ball python that was not a sweet heart. They are by nature very docile snakes. They truly make a great pet. Well as you can see from the pictures someone {had sewn] her mouth shut. I have never seen this done. I did see a show once on snake charmers in India who sewed the mouths of cobras shut to insure they would not bite the snake charmer but this is a first for me here in the States.”

Mullin took the snake, which turned out to be fourteen inches long, to one of his friends who breeds snakes on a professional level.

Thankfully, they removed the snake’s stitches. After also discovering a fungal infection, they began a course of treatment for that, as well. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to figure out how long the snake’s mouth had been sewn shut for.

It is believed that the snake may have been a victim of some type of voodoo ritual, during which time someone writes the name of a person they want to curse on a piece of paper, then puts it in a snake’s mouth and sews it shut.

As Mullin mentioned on Facebook, snake charming uses this process as a means of protection. Charmers remove the creature’s fangs or venom glands; as a last resort, they also sew the mouth shut, so they won’t be bitten.

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