Watch: Road Rage Bully Attacks Driver. What Happens Next? Instant Karma!

A road rage bully from Ireland appears to be having a rough start to the new year thanks to now-viral dashcam footage that shows him assaulting another driver before being served a large dish of karma.

According to, victim Jason Murphy was out and about when another motorist became upset with his driving.

“I went to turn right at the roundabout and the guy in question was coming from the left,” said Jason. “I entered the roundabout where there was one lane and the cars were battling for two.”

Jason said the driver proceeded to pull up beside him and shout, “pick a lane, pick a lane.”

That’s when Jason turned the camera around and pointed it at the driver’s side window, just in time to catch his aggressor, now on foot, racing towards his vehicle. The man can be seen clearly clawing at Jason’s throat and trying to rip him from his car.

Jason claims he was hesitant to leave his vehicle but when he did, things got ugly – for his would-be-assailant, that is.

Note: According to Jason’s YouTube caption, the date setting on his dash cam was incorrect; the incident occurred on January 2, 2017.

Luckily, an off-duty police officer steps in to break up the fight, with the help of a few citizens.

Jason’s video has already accumulated more than 177,000 shares on YouTube and recently rose to prominence on the front page of Reddit.

Several Reddit users have since weighed in with their thoughts.

“The attacker clearly had no patience whatsoever and thought the guy with the dashcam cut him off (even though he didn’t),” wrote one user.

Another commended the way the off-duty cop handled the situation.

“He doesn’t try to get very forceful,” reads the comment. “He lets the badge do the work for him, which is a good idea.”

Jason Murphy


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