Video Of ‘Creepy’ Dog Terrifies Internet

A video of a supposedly ‘creepy’ dog appears to be terrifying thousands of internet users today after it rose to the front page of social media site Reddit.

“Who’s a good boy?” reads the post’s title. Clicking it reveals the following.

The post has since received more than 12,000 ‘upvotes’ on Reddit – and plenty of comments.

“Definitely creepy, but I’m glad he’s loved,” wrote user billymcd. User number8pie agreed, writing, “bet he makes an awesome guard dog… if he came belting at me in the dark barking, I’d honestly run.”

Meanwhile, user roqxendgAme commented, “what makes this creepy to me is not how he looks, but contemplating what he might’ve gone through to end up in this state.”

Others were a little less subtle.

“If there’s a god, they really hated this dog,” commented user KenpachiRama-Sama. “She makes sounds like she wants to rip your hand off for touching her.”

“He looks demonic,” wrote velocity010.

User goda90 wrote, “I wonder if there is still a world’s ugliest dog competition… he should definitely enter.”

This isn’t the first time the dog in question has received widespread attention online.

Early in 2016, YouTube user ‘Travis’ uploaded this video, which has accumulated 8,468 views.

In another video, ‘Travis’ referred to the pet as “a loving dog.”

What do you think? Is the dog creepy or cute? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

YouTube, Travis



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