Sneaky Photographer Catches Shocking Interaction Between Police & Homeless Man

Two police officers from Norridge, Illinois are dealing with a bit of unwanted fame after a sneaky photographer captured their act of compassion towards a homeless man.

According to CBS Chicago, the officers did not want to be recognized for their actions. They did, however, speak with the network on condition of anonymity.

The two officers said they responded to a call about a homeless man sitting in a bus shelter surrounded by a bunch of blankets. When questioned, the man said he was denied entry onto a bus because he didn’t have proper shoes.

Upon inspecting his footwear, the officers said they discovered each shoe had no sole. As a result, they decided to head to a nearby Payless and pick up a pair of boots for him. They even waited to see if they fit.

That’s when one Elizabeth Horan snapped this photograph, which has since made its way to the top of Reddit’s ‘uplifting news’ section.


“The Norridge Police Department stopped to give a homeless person on Harlem and Irving a new pairs [sic] of shoes,” wrote Ms. Horan according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

“This is amazing. Thank you!! Great Job Officers!”

The homeless man reportedly thanked the officers profusely and told them he could now attempt to find a job.

Norridge Police Department, Facebook
CBS Chicago


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