What Made 20,000 Fish Wash Up On This Coast In Nova Scotia?

Almost 20,000 dead fish and other marine life forms have reportedly washed up in Canada, leaving officials and residents dumbfounded.

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey, Facebook

According to CTV News, the mass wash-up occurred on the shores of St. Mary’s Bay and the Annapolis Basin in Nova Scotia. So far, officials have ruled out infections or “infectious agents” as potential causes, meaning the occurrence remains a mystery.

Some, like resident Eric Bruce Hewey, suggest a natural disaster might be to blame. Hewey’s Facebook post documenting the wash-up has since gone viral. Thousands of commenters have suggested their own theories.

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey

“A lack of oxygen in the water will do this,” wrote John Luzney. Roy Mulder agreed, proposing that the wash-up was the result of a “dead zone with no oxygen.”

According to Ted Leighton, a professor of biology, unreasonably warm temperatures can cause low oxygen levels in water. Unfortunately, there’s no way to test for this.

Other commenters on Eric Bruce Dewey’s post raised concerns over geoengineering, the manipulation of earth’s climate that has long been blamed for similar wash-ups throughout the world, including Florida and Haikou, China.

Others still, like user John Howard, pointed the finger at a turbine Nova Scotia recently placed in the Bay of Fundy – a body of water connected to the shores where dead marine life has turned up.

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey

Image: Eric Bruce Hewey

When the turbine project was in the process of approval, a number of fishermen reportedly raised concerns in court over its potential to cause permanent damage.

Justice Jamie Campbell, who oversaw the case, stated the fishermen had legitimate concerns but ultimately concluded there was a lack of evidence to suggest the turbine would cause lasting damage.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada said it will continue testing to determine a cause for the wash-up. In the meantime, consumers are warned to only buy herring from licensed harvesters.

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