5 Reasons Why You Should Boycott Kellogg’s

You’d think Tony the Tiger would have higher standards.

Even though Kellogg’s markets themselves as a healthy food company, the truth is quite the opposite. Whether it’s the poor ingredients in their foods or their self-serving money-hungry business ventures, Kellogg’s does not deserve your money.

Here’s why you should boycott them!

#1 – How Kellogg’s Handles Labor Disputes is Just Wrong

Want to know how Kellogg’s handled labor disputes that went south in 2013? They locked their 226 employees out of their Memphis plant. The union had been fighting for higher wages and benefits, asserting that Kellogg’s did not pay enough to meet the cost of living, despite the generous profits the cereal company raked in annually. Kellogg’s had let go of several employees around the time, only to replace them with cheap temp workers.

#2 – Kellogg’s Uses Damaging Food Dyes

Kellogg’s refuses to remove food dyes from their products. Namely, their fruit snacks, which actually don’t contain fruit at all. These dyes have been associated with allergies, hyperactivity, and poor sleep habits in younger ones. Some dyes, such as Yellow 5 and Red 40, are known carcinogens. The FDA has even banned them from being used in makeup products and medicines. Petitions with over 200,000 signatures have surfaced against the dyes in Kellogg’s fruits, yet the company continues to ignore public wishes.

#3 – Kellogg’s Does Not Save the Rainforests

Kellogg’s has partnered with Wilmar, the largest provider of palm oil. Wilmar, a company declared by Newsweek to be the “least sustainable country in the world,” takes no qualms destroying Indonesian rainforests, which is where endangered species, such as the Sumatran tiger, live. Why, you ask? Because the partnership allowed Kellogg’s to obtain cheap oil for its products. When asked about these questionable motives, the Kellogg’s CEO told activists to instead focus their attention on Wilmar’s wrongdoings. Not that it mattered to Kellogg’s. They just wanted cheap oil.

palm oil clear cut

#4 – Kelloggs’ Products Mislead You

Kellogg’s enjoys misleading consumers into thinking their products have health benefits. Years ago, they advertised Frosted Mini-Wheats contained ingredients that improved kids’ memory and attention-span. The problem? There was no actual scientific evidence to back these claims, which resulted in a $4 million settlement in a class action lawsuit. In addition, Kellogg’s tried tricking consumers into thinking their products contained actual blueberries. In reality, however, that bitter-sweet taste was a result of blueberry-imitation chemicals.

#5 – Kellogg’s Doesn’t Support Alternative News Sources

Recently, Kellogg’s pulled their ads from Breitbart.com, a move that prompted the popular conservative news source to launch a #DumpKelloggs petition and boycott in retaliation. Although Kellogg’s claimed the move was due to “misaligned values,” skeptics argued it was a political move aimed to please the left.

Larry Solov, Breitbart President and CEO, stated, “Kellogg’s has shown its contempt for Breitbart’s 45 million readers and for the main street American values that they hold dear. Pulling its advertising from Breitbart News is a decidedly cynical and un-American act. The only sensible response is to join together and boycott Kellogg’s products in protest.”

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