Photographer Captures Wild Zen Foxes Who Teach Her To “Live In The moment”


A Dutch nature photographer named  Roeselien Raimond had a dream several years ago. In fact in 2011 she blogged about it.

“Around a year ago I had this little dream….to meet a fox some day. Not only spotting him from a far distance, not catching only a glimpse of his tail, but really seeing one.

And secretly I hoped that on that day, I might be able to take some nice photographs, too.”

Thus this is a beautiful dream that, lucky for us, has turned into an even better reality.

As you can see in the photo below, her first picture was a success.


In another writing, she explains the story of finally letting go and freeing her consistent pursuit toward the Foxes. It was then that the magnificent moment appeared right before her eyes, of a breathtaking  mom and three cubs.

“There’s a contradiction going on when it comes to capturing Zen Foxes: the harder you try, the more you’ll move away from your goal.”

foxcub_mum.jpgThe more one lives in Fox country; the more one learns “Fox talk.”  Including scent markings, vocalizations and body language. As she says:

“The longer your stay in Fox Nation, the more you will understand their conversations.”mg_7864.jpgYoung Fox was begging for food by nipping at his mothers mouth.


“Whether I stumble upon a vixen in the rain or a couple of soaking wet fox kits. A beautiful drinking red fox with a raindrop covered coat. Even a Fox wading through a river or a swimming fox crossing a pond. I just can’t get enough, I Love water; and I adore foxes.”fox_kit_rain.jpgSoaking wet fox kit during some heavy raining


She even devotes a blog post to her fox yawn photography. They can look fierce and adorable. Here is adorable.


Check out all of Roeselien Raimond’s photography through the links below. But first here are a few more images and quotes we just had to include.

“Foxes can be fully ‘in the moment,’ as if they invented mindfulness themselves. No need for yoga classes or meditation courses. Relaxing is their second nature”Fifty-Shades-Of-White-With-A-Touch-Of-Red-New-Fox-Photos-In-Winter-By-Roeselien-Raimond5__880“There’s a contradiction going on when it comes to capturing Zen Foxes: the harder you try, the more you’ll move away from your goal.”


“If you are too eager, an animal will sense that eagerness and will remain alert. They know you want something from them, which makes you a potential danger.”

“But if you manage to take things as they come, by just enjoying the beautiful nature around you, who know what might happen.”



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